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Academic Year 2015 National Chiao Tung University Bachelor Degree Short-term Research Scholarship for Excellent Students Studying Abroad

  • Purpose:

    In order to advance academic research standard and enlarge international vision, encourage each department selecting excellent students to conduct international cooperation and short-term research at oversea academic units.


    Application method:

    1. Applicants should prepare application form and relevant documents, and send to department and college for approval before submitting them to Office of International Affairs.
    2. Deadline: March 31st and October 31st.


    Qualification needed:

    1. Registered students for bachelor degree in our university with the nationality of Republic of China, Taiwan. Please refer to regulations for more details about qualification. It is not including exchange students overseas in the same perild.
    2. Duration for oversea research should be at least one month, and it is limited the time during winter and summer vacation.


    Subsidy regulation:

    Investigated by Foreign Student Recruitment Committee and the scholarship will

    be awarded according to the destination country.


    Detailed regulations and application form are as the attachment, or please refer to the website of Office of International Affairs:,r11-1.php

    Undertaker:Miss Lin, Chia-Yun (Karin), Office of International Affairs

    Tel:+886-3-5712121 #50665