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【Dual-degree】2019-2020 Rochester Institute of Technology Saunders College of Business Application Process

  • Rochester Institute of Technology Saunders College of Business and National Chiao Tung University Global MBA

    Graduate Study Partnership Program


    Application Process

    1)      Students submit NCTU Application Form for Dual Degree Program to GMBA Office by 8/15 for the spring take-in of the MSTIE program or 11/15 for the fall take-in of the both MSM and MSTIE programs.

    2)      Students submit RIT Online application and all supporting documents at:


    • Application for Admission
    • Personal Statement of Educational Objectives
    • Resume/CV
    • Copies of all academic transcripts in English


    The following can be waived for NCTU Global MBA applicants who meet the criteria outlined in the agreement:


    • Application Fee, waived for GMBA students from NCTU
    • TOEFL or IELTS scores if GPA is equal to or higher than 3.25/4
    • GMAT or GRE if GPA is equal to or higher than 3.25/4


    Note: If applicant’s GPA lower than 3.25/4, interview and/or English proficiency exam may be required.


    3)      Graduate Study Partnership Program: Master Science degree in Management (MSM) and the Master Science degree in Technological Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MSTIE) in the Saunders College of Business (SCB) at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

    4)      RIT will be prepared to enroll up to five qualified students for each MS program who have completed at least one-year study in the NCTU GMBA program each year. Upon successful completion of all degree requirements, these students will receive a MS degree from the corresponding graduate programs.

    5)      RIT will review applications and supporting documents, and communicates with NCTU contact regarding application status within two weeks of receipt of the completed application and endorsement letter.

    6)      RIT notifies NCTU and student of admission and scholarship decision through email. Unless otherwise noted, scholarships will be in the amount equal to 30% of the cost of tuition.

    7)      Student notifies RIT of intention to enroll by submitting $300 tuition deposit. 

    8)      Students submit financial documents as required for the student visa after they      are admitted:


    In order to apply for a student visa, U.S. government regulations require international students to demonstrate that they have sufficient financial resources to meet the costs of tuition, fees, supplies, and living expenses for at least nine months of full-time study.


    NCTU students who are admitted to RIT through the partnership program and need to apply for a student visa must submit an original bank statement showing the amount available for their education. In addition, if the funds are not in the student's name, a letter of support from the person owning the assets is also required.  Upon receipt of these documents the appropriate form (I-20) can be issued by RIT.


    9)      Program costs will vary depending on the amount of the scholarship awarded.

    Estimated Cost of Attendance (per academic year, based on 12 credits per semester)



    NCTU (30% Discount)










    Health insurance




    Living Expenses




    Books and Supplies




    Total Cost





                          *scholarship support applied to tuition only.


    10)   RIT sends original admission letter (including any contingencies), scholarship award, I-20 document, and registration and arrival information to NCTU and student through express mail.


    11)   RIT faculty and staff continue to communicate directly with students to plan and prepare for arrival on campus.