About the College

COM Vision

To convert technology innovation into value-added business and help the last mile from technology advancement to social welfare.

Residing adjacent to the Hsinchu Science Park, our college is in an advantageous position to support the needs of Taiwan’s high-tech industries. With the rapid economic growth of Asian nations, there exist urgent needs in bridging eastern and western business management cultures and practices. We shall train competent managers to serve the Asian market as well as the global market. We strive to become one of the leading research-oriented management schools in the Asia-Pacific region; with recognition of intellectual contribution and quality education by pursuing high quality management education and research in innovation, and high-tech enterprise management.


COM Mission

To pursue global excellence and local impact in research innovation and cultivating leaders in high-tech enterprise management disciplines.

1. Global excellence: COM pursues global academic excellence and application-oriented research innovation by closely working with world leading cross-disciplinary research teams.

2. Local impact: COM serves the society and enterprises, and cultivates enterprising leaders and professional management talent.


    National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) established the Master's Class of Management Science Research Institute as the start of College of Management in 1970, set up the Management Science Department in 1971, and began recruiting students to lay a foundation for the development of NCTU College of Management. The College of Management has experienced nearly 40 years of integration and growth, and developed into one research-based college of management. It has 4 departments, 6 independent research institutes and 2 master's degree courses: Executive Master of Business Administration, (EMBA) and Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA), as well as one EMBA class (EMBA class of College of Management). All told it has 2,195 students (including 774 students of University Department, 643 ordinary master students, 596 EMBA students and 182 postgraduates of doctor's class), as well as 81 full-time teachers.

    This college is different from the traditional business schools or institutes of business management in that most of the teachers have science and technology backgrounds and have majored in management, and a strong emphasis is placed on recruiting students with strong English and math skills. The mission of this college is to pay equal attention to teaching and research, and make “advancing with the times and pursuing excellence” its core belief. As far as teaching is concerned, the College emphasizes solid mathematical foundation training, highlights the teaching of professional management knowledge, and aims to cultivate the next generation of leading talents in management academic research and enterprise operation. In terms of research, the College stresses technology-oriented research in order to pursue academic excellent position.

  College of Management was awarded an academic promotion subsidy plan for developing international first-class universities and top research centers from 2006 to 2010, which has given this college the opportunity to invite international luminaries to visit this school and make academic exchanges, lectures or short-term lectures, and even provide research resources to encourage the teachers to engage in the challenging outstanding research. This has greatly improved and helped the academic research of this College, and made significant contributions to the academic prestige and international popularity of this school. In addition, in order to realize the school's target of interdisciplinary integrated learning and research, this College follows the educational model of scientific management and management science, emphasizes management skills training with a combination of theory and practice, system and quantity analysis, and the integration of technology and the humanities. This college holds “becoming an exquisite research-based scientific and technological college of management” as the goal for which it strives.

  Each institute and course of this college has cultivated countless domestic leaders of industry and scholars, in Taiwan and abroad. Cao Xingcheng, president of United Microelectronic Corporation, Shi Chongtang, president of ASUS Computer, Song Xueren, vice president of Goldman Sachs Asia and many other famous industrial titans are alumni of the NCTU College of Management.

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  1. Most of the teachers have backgrounds in science and technology, and strong mathematics skills; a strong emphasis is also placed on recruiting student with strong measurement abilities.
  2. The NCTU College of Management has a powerful alumni network in the technology industry, as well as an academic and alumni network of five NCTUs both in Taiwan and Mainland China. Furthermore, the alumni employment rate in the high technology industry ranks at the top of the national colleges of business and management.
  3. It is next to the high-tech industry center that is the Hsinchu Science Park, which has complete institutes that can meet the demand of high technology management, implements frequent exchanges with industrial technological research institutes as well as domestic and foreign famous universities, and is very competitive in the global arena.
  4. It was published in the mazagine Cheers that, NCTU’s College of Management got the highest degree of alumni satisfaction in 2008. It invites famous scholars and enterprise CEO to act as course lecturers, and regularly makes cooperative exchanges with the international famous academic institutions, such as the College of Management of UC Berkeley and Guanghua School of Management.

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NCTU University Ranking

  • QS World University Rankings 2018: 207th


Rankings by Subjects/Field-College of Management

  • QS World University Rankings 2017
    • Business & Management Studies: 151-200
  • Academic Ranking of World Universities 2017 (Management): 301-400
  • Times Higher Education World University Rankings
    • Business & Economics: 151-175
  • EdUniversal: 3 Palms
    • Institute of Information Management: 9th, FAR EAST ASIA
    • Industrial Engineering and Management: 20th, FAR EAST ASIA
    • Master Degree Program of Global Business Administration (GMBA): 94th in the world.
    • Master in Transportation & Logistics Management: 62nd in the world.
    • Graduate Program of Finance, Department of Information Management and Finance: 23th in FAR EAST ASIA
    • Master Program of Management for Executives: 28th inFAR EAST ASIA
    • Institute of Business and Management: 25th in FAR EAST ASIA