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Delegation from Germany's Reutlingen University visited COM on March 23, 2017

  • The delegation from Reutlingen University in Germany visited COM on March 23, 2017. Prof. Dr. Huang Yi-Hou, director of international affairs, is responsible for the reception of Prof. Dr. Gerhard GRUHLER, Prof. Dr. Michel CHARIFZADEH, Prof. Dr. Michel CHARIFZADEH, and Anne-Cathrin LUMPP(Office of the Affairs Representative) from Reutlingen University.

    Reutlingen University is one of the popular sister schools of COM. Both sides have frequent exchanges or visits. In addition to the visit, we also discussed cooperation projects for future academic exchanges.

    Founded in 1855, Reutlingen University in Germany is a public applied science university with a total of 5 faculties including Applied Chemistry, Business, Information, Engineering, Textiles and Design (all with English courses ); In addition, Reutlingen University have three research centers: Applied Research Center, Automation Applied Research Center and Business Management Research Center. There are about 5,000 students in Reutlingen University, of whom about 1,000 are international students or exchange students. Reutlingen University is one of the most international universities in Germany.