Research Center

Manufacturing Management Center

This research center focuses on the theory and applications of manufacturing management. It cooperates closely with the College of Computer Science and the College of Management.

Transportation Research Center

The center, established in 1984, is dedicated to providing consultation service and conducting research on transport technology.

The goal of this center is to provide basic research, consulting services, and extended education for transportation planning, management, and technologies. Our service areas cover transportation engineering, transportation management, transportation safety, transportation policies, and transportation technologies. Our clients include central and local governments of Taiwan, transportation consulting firms, information technology firms, non-profit organizations, and general public. TRC also establishes strong and close connections with other international transportation research institutes to promote international cooperation.

With continuous effort, the center cooperates with the Center for Transportation Research, UC Berkeley and the Transportation Center, Northwestern University. These efforts share achievements in transport researches enable scholar's exchange program. In addition, the center often sponsors domestic or international transport seminars, which creates the opportunity to exchange information and experience with industry members and international scholars.

The faculty members and facilities in this center stem mainly from Department of Transportation and Institute of Transportation within the university. All professors in this institute specialize in multi-facet transport field. Moreover, the center serves as a coordinator to integrate related expertise and opinions from different departments and schools. All these efforts have lead to great progress for transport technology and development.

Research Center for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Center was established in June, 2007. Its mission is to provide a common platform for researchers in this field from both industries and government departments/untis, within Taiwan or internationally to join together to advance logistics and supply chain management. There are three goals for this center:

  1. Promote NCTU’s academic innovation and leadership in the logistics and supply chain management areas.
  2. Provide the most advance research environment for cross-functional collaboration between researchers from both industries and academia.
  3. Provide a neutral environment for professors and leaders in industries to both educate students and/or to promote industry training with the state-of-the-art technology and knowledge in logistics and supply chain management.
FinTech Center

Founded in 2016, the Center offers research primarily on financial big data, blockchain, virtual reality, IoT, and artificial intelligence - Robo-advisor with focus in fostering interdisciplinary personnel in information and finance. The foundation of the Center aims to provide more complete learning resources of financial technology and opportunities for students to take internship in the industries through close integration and cooperation. The Center also cultivates personnel of practice to jointly promote development of financial technology.

  1. Financial Big Data: Collect massive financial trading data and conduct analysis and practical application through feature extraction, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.
  2. Blockchain: The information sharing and verification system of information and communication technology are integrated for consumers and enterprises to settle payment and sign intelligence contracts without intermediary agencies via complex public and private keys. Consequently transaction speed will speed up with higher security and lower costs.
  3. Virtual Reality: Traditional screen output is replaced with virtual reality glasses and other related equipment to immerse in the virtual world built by computer systems.
  4. IoT: Devices and sensors are connected through internet communication to turn all devices around you with “consciousness,” so that automobiles and home appliances can detect, communicate and provide services via mobile phones and wear device.
  5. Robo-advisor: Understand user behavior and risk preference, maintain absolute rationality and calmness to provide investors with suitable investment portfolios and advices, to help investors with optimal asset allocation, and to help companies provide greater customer groups with lower costs.