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Memory- Alumni Association of Institute of Business and Management College of Management


    National Chiao Tung University College of Management Institute of Business and Management will hold academic year 2015 alumni party at College of Management Taipei campus on April 26th. There are always numerous alumni coming back to the university; no matter they are great seniors who win success and recognition and have great career or they are fresh graduates who are working hard, they are all from the same origin- National Chiao Tung University Institute of Business and Management.


    10:00~10:30    Check in/ guide, play background video (photos)


    10:30~11:00    Welcome speech from the president of the association 

    President Mr. Chen Ruei-Xu


    Welcome speech from teacher/ guest

    Teacher/ Guest


    11:00-12:00    Professor Yang, Chien gives a speech


    12:00~           Memory for everyone who joins the event/ Group photo


                Video review of the event day       


    Video review of everyone going into the event on that day


    Main video play, focusing on the development of Institute of Business and Management/ Lunch together, Buffet


    Goodbye, everyone~ Pass it on again.  Using “looking forward next year” as the topic brings back our common sweet recollection.



    National Chiao Tung University set up “Institute of Management Science” master degree at our Po-Ai campus in August, 1970 in order to comply with the demand of the economic construction of our country, actively cultivate management personnel, and turn them into the core force of promoting economic development. Later on, we moved the institute north in August, 1973 to respond the demand of cooperative education in management field and expand our research teaching. We temporarily used the facility in Taipei Institute of Technology in the beginning, and then moved to current location on the 4th floor of Beimen Post Building and set up Taipei campus of our university in August 1979 to match the promotion of cooperative education on-the-job staff training program. The institute renamed as “Institute of Business and Management” in August 1998 after approval. The alumni association was establish in 1990, and the event of alumni reunion is held every April regularly.


    The outstanding alumni joining us on April 26th include: Mr. Lin, Chin-Tsai, former president of Yuanpei University of Medical Technology; Mr. Chen, Miao-Sheng; Teacher Jen, Wei-Lien from National Chiao Tung University Department of Transportation & Logistic Management; Professor Yang, Chien from Institute of Business and Management. Every year, there are always lots of people joining the alumni event, and it presents the solidarity of graduates from Institute of Business and Management.