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College of Management On-the-Job Program Self-Evaluation Field Investigation


    National Chiao Tung University College of Management conducted college on-the-job program self-evaluation field evaluation on March 27th, and invited 15 experts from different areas as external assessment committee. The assessment target includes: program of finance, program of information management, program of management science, program of management of technology, program of business management, program of industrial engineering and management, and program of transportation and logistics. The assessment result will be the base of the development direction of on-the-job graduate program in College of Management.




    Committee arrive college


    Itinerary explanation of that day & the introduction of College of Management


    Evaluation group pre-meeting organizer/ for each program & overall on self-evaluation report

    3.focus, job division and content of investigation schedule

    4. symposium method for students, teachers and admin staff and sampling

    5. announce organizer, investigation procedure and sampling shortlist


    Presentation from program assessed:

    program of business management, program of transportation and logistics (Taipei campus);


    program of management science, program of finance, program of management of technology (Hsinchu campus, management building 1);


    program of industrial engineering and management, program of information management (Hsinchu campus, management building 2)


    Questions from the assessment committee-

    In terms of self-evaluation report and presentation


    Break and opinion exchange


    Documents review and questions from assessment committee


    Representatives of teachers and admin staff


    Interview with student representative

    Visiting teaching facility and investigation of teaching sight

    (depends on the decision of committee)


    Dinner and comprehension talk

    Further explanation of the question to committee from the program assessed. Committee exchange opinion, put everything together and confirm the initial evaluation report.

    1.Discuss the evaluation feedback sheet of the assessment result.

    2.Organizer read out the evaluation result of field investigation.