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Medal Ceremony for Professor Lin, Shih-Ping’s Emerald Outstanding Paper Award


    Emerald Publisher will use Kuang-Pao Hall in National Chiao Tung University Management Building 1 on April 7th to award Professor Lin, Shih-Ping from our Institute of Business and Management “2014 outstanding paper award”, and the medal will be presented by Manager of Asia-Pacific area Li, Tan-Hsueh. Professor Lin, Shih-Ping’s paper 「Market - pull and technology - push in manufacturing start - ups in emerging industries」 stood out from more than 900 papers and received Outstanding Award, and currently it has been achieved more than 2000 clicks.


    More than 1700 members at editing committee in Emerald Publisher selected Outstanding Award from 300 journals published in 2013. One of the concepts of Emerald Publisher is to support academic research, advance the influence of application research, and fulfill high-quality academic achievement. The outstanding award at Emerald Literati Network Awards is based on this concept. Emerald aims to find out top-grade academic achievement, research influence and author from academic institute all over the world in order to stimulate the depth and width from various academic areas and increase the influence of practical application.