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National Chiao Tung University College of Management, Taipei Campus Historical Building for One hundred Years Old Repair Project Completion

  • In order to promote educational prospects and teaching program, National Chiao Tung University College of Management moved Institute of Management Science northward in 1973. After some twists and turns, it finally settled onto the post office building at Taipei Beimen in 1979. Through the efforts of our President Chang, Chun-Yen, Associate Dean of College of Management Ting Cheng, Dean of General Affairs Lin, Chien-Cheng and alumni Chang, Ying-Chung, part of the building of Beimen post office has finally become the main Taipei campus of National Chiao Tung University in 2009. The units currently set in Taipei campus National Chiao University College of Management are College of Management Taipei Branch, Institute of Business Administration- master and PhD, Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Institute of Logistic Management- master and PhD. In order to maintain the quality of historical building of Taipei post office, we worked with Taipei post office in 2010 for the maintenance historic outer wall, and completed the outer wall repair project recently. The repair plan complied with Taipei City Government which followed article 36, Cultural Heritage Preservation Act, and defined allocated the area as a heritage preservation area for further review and control.


    Beimen post office was established in 1898, and it is 117 years old, living through the Qing dynasty, Japanese occupation until the present day; it is the largest branch of Taipei Post Office. The post office was constructed with bricks and wood, and it refurbished in reinforced concrete building in 1929 after it was damaged by a fire. Its outer part is structured in steel with brown face bricks made by Beitou Brick Factory, and it was the biggest post office in Taiwan when the construction was completed. The main entrance is set at the corner, the same as other governmental building built  during the Japanese occupation. The color of outer wall was painted with the color that helped to conceal the bulding during aerial bombardment, but the classical feel has still been kept within the details of the building. Managing education in such antique appeal environment brings refined manner to National Chiao Tung University College of Management. While walking in National Chiao Tung University Taipei campus, and you will be surrounded by a classical and ancient atmosphere. We, College of Management, are very proud of being able to contribute to the maintence of the outer wall of Beimen post office, and our investment is used only to last this beauty for another hundred years.