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Excellent performance from the entrepreneurial team led by College of Management Institute of Business and Management alumni Dr. Li, Tsung-Yao


    College of Management Institute of Business and Management alumni Dr Li, Tsung-Yao represented National Chiao Tung University leading three entrepreneurial teams, and they have excellent performance at the platform of National Biotechnology Enterpreneurship after one year of training. At the 2014 Biotechnology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition on December 20th, the teaching result of university in cultivating biotechnology innovation and entrepreneurship was presented through the competition and presentation of student group new business operation plan. The three teams from National Chiao Tung University all won awards in the category of medical biotechnology. We achieved the best performance among the other competitors of the medical biotechnology category, and Ministry of Education will continue providing funding to support biotechnology entrepreneurship personnel cultivation plan next year. Dr. Li, Tsung-Yao was graduated from PhD program in Institute of Management of Technology, College of Management, and is currently teaching in Kainan Graduate Institute of Innovation & Project Management. He is also employed as a part-time associate professor by National Chiao Tung University Department of Biological Science and Technology, and receives great recognition in the field of academic development.

    Ministry of Education Training Program on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Biotechnology has been promoting “Training Program on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Biotechnology” since this February; the program is four years in duration. In order to encourage each university and college to develop practical biotechnology industry teaching, the program has set up agricultural and medical biotechnology critical technology and interdisciplinary biotechnology courses, cultivate critical biotechnology cross-area personnel focusing on practical application, market demand and biotechnology innovation & entrepreneurship. The core of the program is to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship personnel for biotechnology industry with systematic biotechnology industry practical teaching plan and completed high-end course. It also targets students cross-university and cross-area for collective delivery, making sure the students who select the course receive overall coherent training from the easy to the difficult. The final goal is to achieve high-end personnel cultivation for biotechnology related field, assisting them to have full understanding of the industry so that they can put effort to biotechnology innovation and development.