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    The weather could not have been any better for our GMBA Class of 2016 Knowing Taiwan event.  Our bus left Hsinchu at 09:00am on Sunday, December 7 with approximately 30 GMBA students and professors, and arrived to Wulai under clear blue skies.  Activities planned for the day included eating, a visit to the Wulai Atayal Museum, eating and shopping on the old street, soaking in the famous hot springs, more eating, a train and gondola ride, exploring a resort, and finally more eating.  
    The Atayal museum proved to be both interesting and informative as we learned about the local aboriginal culture of Wulai and Taiwan.  My favorite was learning about the ancient ‘head hunter’ tribes of Taiwan.  Yikes!  
    Some of the most famous hot springs in Taiwan are found in Wulai.  Did you know the name Wulai comes from the aboriginal phrase for boiling water?  And for good reason – the hot springs were HOT! Good thing there was a cold river nearby to cool off in.  
    After drying off from our medicinal soak (and more eating), we all took the train up the hill to the Wulai waterfall.  After a few photos we then took the gondola to the top of the falls where we entered the YunShien Amusement Park.  The park was definitely bigger than we had time to explore, but the playground and ‘agility course’ kept us entertained till it was time to go home.  
    One last group photo (and one last snack) on the way back through the old street was a great way to end the day.  Judging by the number of people sleeping on the bus ride home, it seems our first Class of 2016 Knowing Taiwan event was a success!